New Powerful Tool in the Battle Against the Coronavirus Released


Percent cleared of SARS-CoV-2 virus


Utah Research Firm Releases Water-Based Surface Spray that in over 100 Independent Clinical Tests showed a consistent 98% kill rate (over 2x better than 91% Alcohol).

Without a doubt this current Coronavirus Strain
(SARS-CoV-2) is nasty and is creating all kinds of Havoc…

The medical conditions and issues this current pathogen are causing along with the deaths is no surprise to the MD Surface Spray founders. In our tests when we saw how resistant this current strain was to all types of traditional options (91% alcohol only killed up to 37% with regrowth happening in 24 hours).  We knew we were dealing with something abnormal and resistant and VERY HARD TO KILL.

We are very optimistic and full of hope we can beat this current Pandemic together...

According to Lopez & Schmidt, MD Surface Spray is a combination of deionized water that has been treated with a natural NSF 60 certified water mineral oxide treatment and nano-silver.  
In working on various solutions, we actually had both of these items tested individually against the current Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). We could perform these tests because our independent lab we retained purchased the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen directly from the CDC. 
In our initial tests the treated water actually outperformed 91% alcohol (which still was not good enough for us). When we combined the two together (the treated water and nano-silver), we created a breakthrough, kill rates on various surfaces up to 98% within 2-minutes with a 48-hour hold time with no regrowth.

Summary of Test Results

When you examine the test results you can see that MD Surface Spray performed consistently well and maintained a consistent kill rate. We have attached a link to our white paper below.
Over 100 clinical tests performed

Many of the popular products currently being used to battle the Coronavirus could be dangerous, find out some risks associated with their use.

Many sanitizers and cleansers may have detrimental health effects. 
Click the link to learn the risks of some of the tools used to fight the Coronavirus.

So, what does this mean to you and your family? 

MD Surface Spray contains no bleach or alcohol. It is a combination of deionized water that has been treated with a natural NSF 60 certified water mineral oxide treatment and nano-silver.
The number one thing is you now have a clinically tested tool to help defend you, your family and others against this hard to kill threat. Spray and let dry (no need to wipe-off). In our clinical study, white paper, you will see the test results happened by simply spraying. You’ll notice a clean scent (it is not bleach and contains no alcohol).

Use an electric fogger to safely spray all surfaces in the office

Have MD Surface Spray at your desk 

Perfect for home surfaces


Take with you daily, lightly mist electronics and car interior surfaces

Use the 16oz bottle to refill the personal sprayer

Mist your Masks 

Use in your diffuser by your bed at night and throughout the day to mist surfaces 

Perfect for classrooms, buses or on the playgrounds and surfaces in contact with large numbers of people.  

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